Stalley Live performance

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This Thanksgiving 2015 was one of the best thanksgivings Ive had in some years! I was privileged to meet a couple talents reigning out of Ohio.I had the pleasure and blast of getting acquainted with MMG artist Stalley who happens to be from Ohio, Massilon to be exact. Considering that, it made our conversation more concurring and comfortable. Stalley was standing alongside friends as he was freaking a black and mild where he adamantly focused on making sure the cigar was “pulling” an ohio term in which the Black ‘n’ Mild or rolled blunt tends to hit perfect, creating a smooth intake of the product in which your smoking. I was tickled that Stalley made everyone in the circle puff his mild to get the approval on how well of a job he did. Everyone smurked and nodded as Stalley responded by chuckling,as if that was his way of thanking them.He was totally being himself as if this were a known ritual of his. I loved it! He was so chill and patient which I found to be breathtaking as I am sure he has many people approaching him to talk his head off, as I did. We both agreed on how we feel Ohio is thee true originators of pretty much everything, from our sound to how fresh we dress.We both agreed Texas has a significant influence on our culture and music here in the state. I praised Stalley for always being himself,being consistent with well packaged projects, keeping his sound,along with having dope beat knocking 808s, with those old soulful samples that is the icing on the cake for the beautiful production. His songs literally make you feel like your riding in a car, without riding in a car. Being that I love riding in the car, and being a well known music junkie, I have to be listening to dope jams, its a must. Playing Navejo Rugs on a warm summer night ride home, allows me zone out musically as I switch lanes on the freeway. Stalleys’ “Intelligent Trunk Music” has taken his fans on a Bluntiful ride declaring serene tunes and positive vibes. Stalley is polished, rhythmic, fluent, underrated, and most of all an original who is one of the greatest phemonons to step out of Ohio. Stalley even listens to Tezo which I found to be pretty dope because Tezo is from Cleveland (where Im from) and happens to be one of my favorite Cleveland Artist coming out of the 216. I made a point in saying how I wish Ohio would come together more and unify as one. I feel we as a state would be extremely further then we are today with all of the potential and durability we posses. He nodded, agreeing with everything I was said replying “EX ACT LY”. It made sense to me why Stalley considers himself to be an introvert, coming from Ohio it is understandably normal to feel that way considering all the negativity we endure from our fellow ohioans with their “crabs-in-a-bucket” mentalities. Stalley went on to advise that the best thing to do, is “to be you”,thats it and thats all. I found myself being bashful at times not wanting people to see how different I am from others, tending to be somewhat of an outcast.I now realize its ok to truly be YOU, I be myself and thats what works best for me. I deeply appreciate this wonderful opportunity and wont ever forget the inspirational and positive embraces that were given to me. All of the peformances by Silvabakk, TKO and Stalley were compelling and energizing. I want to give a special thanks to GP Young O, CD Dre and Whats Real Ent. for having me come out to the Knights Club in Lorain, Oh. I am excited to witness how the rise of talented Ohio artists will slowly but surely come to a uproar. Our sound here is like none other, this is only the beginning. Many people may not pubicially acknowledge our talent and sound, but deep down inside they know, OHIO. Love Les