GMB Promotions presents Cardi B Pole-A-Thon

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Love and hip hop/Instagram phenomenon made an appearance at Prive nightclub here in
Cleveland. Cardi B is known for being her full self, doing and saying whatever comes
to her head no matter good or bad. She’s a former stripper turned admired superstar
who has recently (March 7th) dropped a mixtape titled “Gangsta Bitch Music vol.1”, I
happen to like sounds like she’s being herself,not over doing it, and definitely
keeping it honest with her lyrics describing her struggles and dreams of making big
money to provide for family, making it so her parents would never have to work
again.A dream we all desire, I would hope. That’s why this night was truly special
to individuals who can relate to her story, and the fact she keeps it 100 with you.
The beautiful Cardi B hosted the pole-a-thon where dancers competed with one another
for the number one prize of $500. Before proceeding with the competition she came
out to her popular relatable tune “cheap ass weave” where there were indeed plenty
in the building! Fans stampeded to the front of the stage rapping her lyrics. Cardi
B said in her words “What’s up to all the bad bitches, and broke niggas in the
building?!?!” And went on to say “If there is a girl you see in here that’s been
fu$&@ng your man, run up on that hoe, and cut her cause that’s what we do where I’m
from”. My thought as I spoke in my mind “we will stab and kill a bitch here,this
here is Cleveland” I chuckled realizing how crazy it is to be from a city that’s a
known savage city, the no love jungle. No longer then 5 minutes after her cursing
the crowd, a fight breaks out, great. This only made the security tighter and more
mean. I was in the front row where I had the chance to go on stage and dance, but
was nervous due to lack of liquor in my system. It didn’t matter because I still
danced with her, and held her hand for half the song, she felt comfortable with me
you can say. I had my friend snap a shot of us, because as always my iPhone was
dead. Cardi B was all about the crowd, as people were going insane yelling “Cardi B
take a picture with me!!” She just about took a picture with everyone who demanded
one, which I found to be really cool and genuine of her. Everyone had their phones
out, snapchat: Cardi B Edition. All you saw was that famous fog screen! The
pole-a-thon was a blast, the “twins” won first place along with $500 which they
quite deserved because they were really good. So good Cardi B had them dance to a
second song, they’re tricks were quite entertaining and jaw dropping. I personally
felt like I was in a acrobatic class. It was an unforgettable night for sure. It
would of been even better if I was allowed to bring in my camera to take pictures,
or if since1974radio could have done their live broadcast of this event. Although
the circumstances, it still was a great night, and a safe turn out! I hope she
returns to Cleveland, or wherever I am, so I can give her the dance i had
anticipated to give her from the beginning! Special thanks to Ty from for bringing me out!!! Love Les??