Submit Your Music

Since 1974 Radio is looking for artist or groups that are unsigned and would like their music heard on our show. If this is something you would like. Please send us a e-mail with the name of the artist or group a long with the music you would like heard on the show

Send it U.S Mail
To Contact the Show Via U.S Mail

Since 1974 Radio Network
422 Broadway Ave
Lorain Ohio 44052

If you’re a unsigned artist and you would like your music heard
and would like to send us a copy of your music, just use the address above..

Send your music VIA Email
Guidelines to have your music heard on the show.

First things first we need your permission to play your work on our station and shows.
Below you will find a link to a form you need to fill out and send back to us before we can play your music on our shows or station, without the form we will NOT play your music, just because you said it’s ok to do over the phone.We need something in writing stating you give us permission to play your work.

With This form we can play your tracks royalty free on a long term bases until you say other wise.

So fill this form out and send it off to us today!

E-Sign Them And Send Them Back “Form #1” “Form #2”

To send us your music we will need a few things from you before it gets played on the feed.

1. The name of the group or artist

2. YOUR permission to play YOUR music on the feed.. “We will NOT play your music if we don’t get a consent from the artist or group,, “We take copyright serious”

3.When sending the tracks please make sure they are labeled right.. We get a lot of people sending music and they don’t label the tracks with the name of the artist and the song name…

4. We will need a Facebook,Twitter link or website to the artist so we can check you out..

5. Sign up to our site so we can stay in contact with you